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Do you know what the House Republicans approved on July 19 re: the federal education bill?

Do you know what the House Republicans approved last Friday, July 19th regarding the federal education bill? A vote YES sends the bill to the Senate. The bill sets education funding at sequestration levels cutting more than $1 billion from public education next year.

Who voted YES when class sizes have increased due to deep state and local education budget cuts and during hard times when more children are living in poverty? In Arizona, here's who voted YES: Gosar, Salmon, Schweikert, Franks And, here's who voted NO: Kirkpatrick, Barber, Grijalva, Pastor,Sinema

The House voted 221-207 on Friday to pass a GOP bill (HR 5) to greatly diminish the federal role in K-12 education, increase state and local authority over schools and freeze spending for elementary and secondary education for several years at sequestration levels. The bill, which renews the Elementary and Secondary Education Act for five years, would repeal most of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind requirements. It would require states to continue periodic math and reading testing but allow them to set their own standards for measuring academic progress, evaluating teachers and improving failing schools.

Additionally, the bill allows states to set their own requirements for educating disabled students, promotes charter and magnet schools as alternatives to traditional classrooms and curbs the power of the U.S. secretary of education. The bill eliminates 70 categorical-grant programs and groups the education programs that remain into a federally funded block grant to be spent as state and local officials see fit.

A yes vote was to send the bill to the Senate.

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