Back to Arizonans Against Proposed Education Budget Cuts

Mark your calendars for the AUGUST 26 state primary. Go to the polls on Aug 26 or vote early starting July 31.


Are mail-in ballots, the solution to making voting easy, actually causing more problems when a higher percentage of ballots are rejected? Was your ballot among the 46,000 ballots rejected in Arizona's 2012 election? Did you vote in the right precinct? Did you SIGN your ballot? Were you registered in time for the election?

Almost 25% of Arizona's population is under 18 years according to the 2012 US Census (among the top 5 states with a younger population). Parents have the numbers and the voting power to be an important voting bloc. Did you know independents can vote in the open state primary on August 26 (and must state party preference for the primary ballot)?

Those elected in 2014 will pass legislation that will help or will hinder classrooms in our neighborhood schools. We have quality schools that can be even better with more resources allocated to programs that help our students achieve. Will independent voters step up and vote in the state primary?

It is time to improve schools by:

• Halting the obsession of high-stakes standardized testing (standardized tests only serve to rank and sort test-takers)

• Cutting class sizes

• Getting better paid and trained teachers

• Balancing work-family/parenting challenges for both men and women

• Repairing and building schools

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