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Contact your Legislator and Oppose School Voucher Bills; ESAs have long-term detrimental consequences

"This legislative session’s voucher bills disenfranchise vulnerable children for whom the law was created. We can’t afford an educational environment skewed by profit motive that fails to serve our diverse society. Consider the long-term social and economic costs of abandoning 10-12 percent of our children. Please join me in calling our legislators to oppose all voucher legislation." - Angie Donelson

Further cuts to public schools resulting from the expansion of the state's ESA program is expected to strip more than $374 million a year from public and charter schools within the next five years, based on the current average cost.

ESA voucher proponents are attempting a sneak attack to pass voucher expansion bills in the waning days of session because they don't think we're watching!

If these bills passed with proposed amendments, over 800,000 new voucher accounts could be allowed. This amounts to a massive, unsupervised handout to corporate schools that would cripple the state general fund.

Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) is strongly opposed to this expansion due to the lack of real accountability and the choice of investing in privately-owned institutions over traditional public schools.


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