Tell legislators that we oppose the drastic budget cuts to higher education and K-12 public education. Taxpayers want tax dollars reinvested after years of damaging cuts. Families see a college education as vital to their children's professional success  and key to economic and social mobility.

Please join this group if you are concerned about the future well being of Arizona and its education system. The AZ House majority and Senate majority have voted against much needed investments in K-12 funding and childcare subsidies; financial aid for higher education; appropriations for publicly funded scientific research and development as well as infrastructure and human capital; performance funding for state universities, and more. 

Slashing resources to higher education and K-12 public schools will have dire consequences to Arizona's economy. Feel free to comment with any suggestions for action. Research the voting records of your state elected representatives. Vote in the state primary and state election (early mail-in ballot begins Oct 9). The AUGUST 26 state primary is so important. Independents can vote in the Republican primary. Start spreading the word.

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1. Ask your state representative to invest in Arizona Universities and restore funding to the state's higher education system.

2. Families face increased tuition for the coming years as lack of funding for state universities will result in major repercussions for the economy of Arizona.

3. The state should put a much higher value on education.

4. While education budgets remain depleted, politicians have chosen to protect other priorities such as prisons and have failed to allocate more support to the state universities.

5. The universities are at the forefront of innovation and ideas which are essential to improving our economic situation and quality of life.