News from The Bone Marrow Foundation

Thank you for your Cause's support for The Bone Marrow Foundation ( and our dedication to improving the quality of life for bone marrow, stem cell and cord blood transplant patients and their families by providing vital financial…Read More

Merry Christmas

Hello- Just wanted to update our status. Robbie is doing well. And we are happy that he gets to spend another Christmas at home. He started first grade this year. I home school him since he still cant be around other children. However, the doctors are testing…Read More

Robbie's Birthday

As some of you know Robbie's birthday is coming up! We are super excited!!! It will be the first that we are going to celebrate at home in the last three years! He has spent most of them in the hospital. BUt this year we are home!! He wants to have a…Read More

Update on Robbie:)

After 15 long months of hospital stay Robbie returned home. He has had a couple of stays since then, but we have since returned home. I would like to thank everyone who prayed, thought or have done anything for us. It has been a pressure cooker the last two…Read More

Robbie needs prayers!!!

Hello All- as most of you guys know, after 14 months of being inpatient we went home Nov. 2. However we had a set back. Robbie got a bacterial infection and became septic. He is now in the PICU at Lucile Packard Children's hospital. He is on a ventilator and…Read More

Eye surgery

After a year without eye sight, Robbie is getting eye surgery today. Please keep him in your prayers. Always, Mama Jana

Robbie Update

Hello All- I know it has been awhile since I have updated Robbie's page. Here it goes. Robbie has had a fever for the last 6 weeks. The doctors are stumped. But, I have faith we will get to the bottom of it. Other than the fevers he is doing awesome. He…Read More
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