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Richard Kanka's Victim Impact Statement

Below is the statement that Richard and Maureen Kanka prepared and read before the Court in the penalty phase of Jesse Timmendequas' trial in June 1997. No family should ever have to deal with this and that is the reason why I am so passionate about the work I do with the Kankas. I am honored and privileged to be their friend..

"I come before you today to read a victim impact statement that our family has prepared about our daughter Megan and our lives after her death. Maureen and I planned and dreamed of our future together seventeen years ago. Out of the love that we had for each other, we were blessed with three beautiful children. We had the responsibility as parents to nurture them and protect them as they were growing up. We never realized that in a short span of time, our life as we knew it would be over and our youngest daughter Megan would be gone forever. Gone were the simple pleasures that we as parents took for granted. There would be no more hugs and kisses, no more listening to her voice, no more laughing at the things she would say and no more dreams of what she would grow up to be, what kind of a mother she would be and what kind of place she would make for herself in the world. Only memories of seven short years that will have to carry us through for the rest of our lives.

Megan was the baby of our family. She was a little over four feet tall, she had the deepest blue eyes and hair that had a mind of its own no matter what we tried to do with it. She had a heart of gold, would help the family with anything that we asked her to do and always cared about everyone around her. Megan could sit in the mud and play trucks with her brother Jeremy or hang around with her sister Jessica listening to tapes and sharing things that sisters share with each other. She twirled baton and was given a trophy two years in a row for Miss Congeniality. I remember going to her baton recitals, watching her perform and feeling my heart swell and pump in my chest because I was so proud of her. She was everything a parent could ever want in a child and warranted all the love and devotion a parent could possibly give.

Megan was able to adjust to any situation. She was peacemaker during a brother sister battle with her siblings. Her bubbly personality would make you forget whatever you were upset about and you would end up laughing for her efforts would always stop any arguments in the house. As she matured ever so gracefully, she not only blessed our family with her personality but our neighborhood as well. When a neighbor child was in need of comfort Megan was there. When several neighbors were pregnant Megan was there. Megan was our little neighborhood newsletter with live broadcasts nearly everyday at dinnertime. Megan not only considered her Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother her family, she also considered the entire neighborhood was hers to love and care for.

Megan was moms little homemaker. A little mom at just seven years old. She was very popular in school with both boys and girls alike. It did not matter to Megan if someone was mean to her, she always gave them a second chance to be friends. That was Megan. During arguments between mom and dad, dad didn't stand a chance with Mom and Megan on the same side. She would tilt her little head to the side, scrunch her nose up and dad didn't have a chance.

We will always miss the constant interfering in our lives, the fifth place setting at the dinner table, the little head popping up and down in the rear view mirror in the car, the constant love and affection for everyone, the bald headed dolls that were everywhere. Her favorite color was pink, she was very proud of her new bike, she took excellent care of and always making sure it was clean and stored away each nite before coming in for the day.

Her sister and brother had to learn at very young ages that death to a child was a reality which left them very vulnerable, scared and angry. They could not understand how someone could do what was done to their sister and kill her. For us as parents, we could not...

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