ROAD RECOVERY is dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experience and knowledge.

With support from the mental health field, ROAD RECOVERY provides hands-on mentorship training, educational/performance workshops, peer-support networking, and “all access” to real-life opportunities by collaborating with young people to create and present live-concert events.

ROAD RECOVERY empowers young people of all backgrounds to face their struggles and helps them develop comprehensive life skills, guided by professionals and supported by a community of like-minded peers.

... by harnessing the power of the entertainment industry to break through communication barriers that often exist with young people, creating an environment fostering open, interactive discussion about addiction, adversity and recovery. We provide young people "All Access" to the entertainment industry, via artists and professionals whose lives have been personally affected by addiction or other adversities.

... because we partner with neighborhood support organizations, certified licensed mental health professionals, treatment facilities, schools, youth centers, outpatient programs, educators, and parents, to help young adults in danger of returning to active addiction and other self-destructive behaviors. We deliver effective programming and tailored referrals for those in need.

* by creating customized programs with young people, for young people, that engage young people.
* by empowering young people to take responsibility for their own choices. 'The road is what you make it.'

... because we know what it takes to put the message across. ROAD RECOVERY changes lives, first by changing ourselves: All our staff have faced addiction and other adversities in their own lives. But we all share the belief that by giving back and mentoring, we can help young people and ourselves make better choices. Mentoring with a message is what ROAD RECOVERY is all about . . . and the message is powerful and to-the-point.


1. Helps Young people battle addiction and other adversities

2. Harnesses the influence of Ent Industry Professionals who confronted similar life Crisis

3. Provides young people with hands-on training, peer networking, and real-life opportunities through Live Concert Events

4. Has support from the Mental Health Field