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There's still time to get a last-minute tax deduction for 2009....

....and help thousands of adults in desparate need of better educational skills. Without a high-school diploma or strong reading, writing English, or math skills, these men and women are falling further and further behind. They are struggling to support their families and make a positive contribution to our region.

With your help, they can go on to earn a GED certificate, enroll in college, get a better job, help their own kids in school, and become more active in our community. You will not only impact just this one life, but also our students' familiies, our schools, our businesses and our region.

Please help make 2010 a year of promise for the 6,200 individuals Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council helps each year. Make a donation today at

Thank you! We wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Maria Polinsky
Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council
Director of Development

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