Happy Thanksgiving!

We Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Our community has much to be thankful on this Thanksgiving. New research initiatives that are showing great potential for a greater understanding of ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and other related NEIDS. The reclassification of CFS in the ICD-10-CM initiative by the Coalition4MECFS, prepared by Mary Dimmock. The new Coalition4Fibromyalgia now with 9 organizations in place and all part of the NeuroEndocrineImmune Network that is expanding and is evolving. The recent winnings of and PANDORA on Citgo Fueling for Good. The nomination of our founder Marly Silverman to the Jewish Community Heroes placing her on 2nd on the top 10 semifinalists. We have Jean Maskuli to thank for this amazing honor. Potential new drugs for ME/CFS treatments as new funding grants are given to researchers in the NEIDs field. New exciting research on an experimental cancer drug Retuxin leading to potential treatments for CFS-ME patients is an exciting beginning and brings in HOPE once again.

New outstanding supporters and new players are coming to our fold: The White House Chronicle (Llewellyn King), a distinguished politican and award winning political commentator, The Chronic Fatigue Initiative, the media attention to NeuroEndocrineImmmune diseases and to the recent NIH Request for Application (RFA) for ME/CFS. The new organizations that are stepping up to the plate: NIDA- Neuroimmune Diseases Association and the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association all leading to improved and continuing success for our overall community.

We are grateful to our dedicated and caring medical providers and researchers who are our partners and no matter the challenges, they persist in making us well. We are grateful to anyone who is involved either as a executive board member, director at large, staff or dedicated volunteers like the ME/CFS Fundraising Group on Facebook) to the many organizations across the U.S. and per that matter across the world. We are also grateful to our new partners Coqui Social, who are helping us with social media needs.

We are grateful to the CFS Advisory Committee for its outstanding work and to the Assistant Secretary Howard Koh and the new steps being taken by the CDC CFS program and the NIH in taking much needed leadership and moving us forward.

We are grateful to the new research findings in Gulf War Illness, chronic Lyme diseases and we hope more is done to increase the research on multiple chemical sensitivity and environmental illnesses.

We are grateful to our patient advocate colleagues worldwide who thankfully are so many to mention. But you know who they are!

We are indeed Many Voices together as One Voice, One Community and with One Cause!

Our special project: The NeuroEndocrineImmune (NEI) Center, in New Jersey and in Florida remain as a top priority, even though crucial and nationwide initiatives like the reclassification of CFS in the International Classification of Diseases -Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM), in which PANDORA is a proud Charter Member and one of our representatives is a member of the steering committee along with Rocky Mountain ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Association and the CFS Solutions of West Michigan. While this nationwide initiative with the Coalition4MECFS (now with 9 organizations), has taken the center and the spotlight of our attention we remain committed to engage in collaborative efforts that will move our cause forward.

We are grateful for the parents of children with ME/CFS as well as other related illnesses, and we highlight the grass roots efforts of Denise Lopez-Majano spearheading "Speak UP About ME".

We are grateful to so manyincluding our bloggers who share experiences, wisdom and defiance, we are grateful to our special family members, our caregivers, who support us daily. We are grateful to our corporate and our individuals donors whose contributions enhance our community programs and make us viable.

While this past year we all suffered deep personal losses by mourning...

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