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The donor coordinator at the Mayo Clinic is Kay Kosbergh her phone # is 1-866-249-1648 her fax # is 507-266-3519 and that if they want to get tested also call the Mayo Clinic and if they have been tested at Hopkins that the Mayo clinic would like their…Read More

Save Jenny: No Matches Found Yet

Hi everyone. No matches were found in the first round of testing. Please consider contacting Hopkins to be tested and/or spread the word. Visit for more information. Thank you!

Watch Save Jenny!

Save Jenny on FOX 45 News Tonight at 10:00 PM

Please watch FOX 45 News tonight to hear more about Jenny's story. And, please forward the message to your friends and family. Thanks to everyone! Visit

Watch WUSA Channel 9 News Tonight at 11:00 pm

Jenny was interviewed tonight for the 11:00 news on WUSA channel 9 in DC. Please tune in. If you miss it, check it out on their Web site tomorrow. Thanks!

Jenny makes front page of the Capital Paper

Ideas to Help Jenny find a Kidney

Hi all. Thanks for joining Save Jenny. Now that we have a nice, big group, we're looking for additional ideas to spread the word to even more people...Facebook and beyond. For instance, we're posting three billboards in the Baltimore area in February and plan…Read More
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