America's Safest Hospitals are Here.

Americ'as top businesses have named the nation's top hospitals for patient safety and quality. Only two hospitals in Michigan made the list. Both are at the DMC - Detroit Receiving Hospital and Harper-Hutzel Hospital. The Leapfrog Group, a coalition of major…Read More

Amazing new DMC stroke patient video now live at

An new video has been posted to, about our Center for Stroke Recovery at DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michgian. RECOVERY is the key word - thesededicated therapists are working to help stoke patients regain independence, not just find a work-around…Read More

How do you place an adult-size wristband on a premature infant weighing less than a pound?

Trick question. Answer: You don't. Instead, you create a whole new piece of technology to ensure that even the tiniest patients are protected by DMC's Computerized Order and Medication Scanning system. See for yourself at:

Become a DMC fan!

Hi - as a supporter of DMC HEals, you're already a fan, so why not make it official? Head over to the DMC Fan page, and sign up to learn the latest about events, videos, breaking news and more from Michigan's leading healthcare system. Hope to see you…Read More

DMC Family Fun Community Event

Hello all - DMC Detroti Receiving Hospital is hosting a Family Fun Day on August 16 on Beautiful Belle Isle. Join us for an amazing day filled with good times and good health. Visit the event page on Facebook to learn…Read More

New Brain Surgery Video on

Hello All - has posted the latest Emery King video, on an extremely delicate and complex brain surgery performed by Dr. Mark Hornyak at DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital. It's through the support of freinds like you on DMC HEALS that we are able to…Read More

DMC CHildren's Hospital of Michigan named a top hospital by U.S. News & World Report

Thanks to the support of friends like you, and the efforts of hundreds of physiciand and employees, DMC Children's hospital of Michigan has been named as one of America's best by U.S. news & Word Report. Click the link to read more, and thanks again for…Read More
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