International Surfing Day & Hands Across the Sand

Hello Cause Supporters -  We have two very exciting events coming up in the next week and we wanted to make sure you had all the information so you can attend an event near you! International Surfing Day will take place on Sunday, June 20th. Founded in 2005…Read More

Oil Spill - need your help

Hi There -  My name is Vickie and I am the Community and Events Manager for the Surfrider Foundation. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for hosting causes that benefit Surfrider - all the people you recruit and the money you raise are much appreciated…Read More

How Surfrider Foundation Will Change the World in 2012

Surfrider Foundation's 250,000 supporters, activists and members will change the world in 2012. I know this with certainty. I'm confident because that's what they've been doing every year since our inception in 1984. This is how we will change the world in…Read More

LNG Public Hearings - Save the Dates!

Clean Ocean Action Call to Action Help us STOP Ocean Industrialization! Liberty Natural Gas is a Canadian based company that is proposing a foreign LNG import facility 16 miles off Asbury Park, NJ with an on-land pipeline coming up through Middlesex…Read More

Pipeline In Middlesex County

Liberty Natural Gas wants to build a pipeline through Middlesex County that would feed their offshore LNG facility. Opposition groups want County Freeholders to pass a resolution against this dangerous, unnecessary pipeline. The state is intervening legally…Read More

One Down, but More LNG Coming

Folks, this summer, the crazy people who wanted to build an island in the middle of the Atlantic as a Liquid Natural Gas terminal withdrew their application. So the "Insanity Island" project is dead. Finally our Cause picture is real. But in September,…Read More

NJ Gov Opposes LNG

All, this is huge news. the Governor of NJ made a firm statement against offshore LNG facilities. Read the Asbury Park Press article here. We started this cause to…Read More
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