boating season is almost here!

Hi everyone! Thanks again for supporting this very important cause! If you haven't already done so, please check out Megan's website to learn about the dangers of carbon Monoxide poisoning from boats! Did you know that ONE boat emits the same amount of Carbon…Read More

PR for Megan's Cause!

Just wanted all of you to know that we are moving forward and just hired a PR Rep to help us spread the word of our story and others like ours to National Television Shows! They will be working very hard to get us spots on well known National Shows such as:…Read More

Please pass on the Cause!

Hi everyone! I just want to say thank you for doing such a great job spreading the word about Megan's Cause! You all all doing a wonderful thing! This cause is up to 707 members, which is incredible! Let's keep that number growing! Everytime you add a new…Read More

A HUGE Thanks!!

gosh everyone! I can't believe we already have over 400 people in Megan's Cause! And I have all of you to thank! I can't tell you haw touched I am that you all care so much and are helping me by passing this cause along!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!! Your…Read More

Carbon Monoxide PSA

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you two of the PSAs that will be aired nationally this boating season. To view them, please go to my wall and click on the PSAs. Thanks again for all your support!!!!!

Megan's Cause reminders

Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank you for supporting Megan's Cause. Please continue to help by passing along all the information about the dangers of CO poisoning behind boats and encourage all of YOUR friends on facebook to join and pass on and encourage…Read More
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