free the Republic of Lebanon from any foreign intervention.

As the Lebanese people, we are tired of seeing the world fight it's battles on our grounds, with our people, with our blood, with our lives, and with our loss. It is enough. No more American, French, British, Syrian, Iranian, Saudi, Egyptian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, etc. meddling. The Lebanese are known for their ability to adapt to any situation. The testimony to this is the 16+ million emigrants who have found good places in the societies they found themselves in. Let's stop following selfish hypocritical leaders and let's start making decisions that will help Lebanon get to it's deserved place in this world.

1. Foreign intervention must end.

2. Religious and sectarian divisions must be ceased.

3. Every Lebanese is entitled to his social rights regardless of his background and beliefs.

4. Feudal leadership must be replaced by a technocratic system where each person is in his position to do his job, not fill Lebanese minds with useless doublespeak.

5. The incessant altruism towards the 'Arab World' or 'brotherly Arab Nations' has not helped Lebanon or the Lebanese in any way. It's time for us to take our own road just like everyone else has.