Free palestine from the Israeli occupancy..

Gathering up all people around the globe who share the same opinion in giving back Palestine to the Islamic nations, ending the blood shed and the constant pointless peace settlements..

1. Every nation has the right to live in peace, and disrupting that peace in favor of others greed of land should stop immediatly.

2. End the the brutal blood shed of the innocent Palestinians under all false Israeli Pollitical claims.

3. Calling the Israeli officials to attune to the Saudi Arabian peace initiative which demands that Israel completely and permanently withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem), evacuate all its settlements i

4. a Call for Israel to acknowledge its responsibility for the dispossession of Palestinian families and people, and to recognise the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland and to be compensated.

5. a Call for every national government to use all diplomatic means available to influence Israel to cease the occupation, and to support Palestinians in their efforts to rebuild their nation.