Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) - To promote education, advocacy, and activism for space exploration, space-based research, and other space-related activities among the global youth.

The Space Generation Advisory Council is registered in Vienna, Austria as a not-for-profit organisation, whose goal is to use the vigor and energy of youth--the "Space Generation"--to promote the advancement of space exploration and other space-related activities.

We have an observer status in the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS)

Our vision is a sustainable, peaceful, and innovative expansion of human civilization on Earth, orbiting Earth, beyond Earth, and into the Cosmos. We work to implement this vision through fun and innovative programs, such as Yuri's Night, Under African Skies, and our annual Space Generation Congress, which is the major meeting of young space activists in the world.

Please support our cause by spreading the word, getting involved, and considering a donation. We can't make this vision a reality without everyone's help!


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8 June 2007: We have reached 10 members, and to commemorate the start of "Our future is in space!" I am donating $10.

1. www.spacegeneration.org/donate
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2. Motto: Young People Using Space to Make a Difference in the World.

3. Life on Earth can be enhanced and preserved through space activities and space technology spin-offs.

4. Earth--beautiful, rare, and the cradle of life as we know it--is also limited and non-permanent. The only way to sustain known life is to move beyond.

5. Inspiring young and old alike, satisfying human desire for discovery, and bringing diverse nations and cultures together in peaceful cooperation