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Show your love for Tibet

Dear Friend,

Valentine's Day is here...and it's a perfect time to show your love for Tibet and win your special someone’s heart by giving them an SFT Rangzen Circle membership ( ( means freedom in Tibetan, and the Rangzen Circle is an intimate group of Tibetans and supporters who make an exceptional contribution to the Tibet cause by giving a monthly donation to Students for a Free Tibet. A Rangzen Circle membership makes a small dent on your wallet but makes a big difference to SFT. It’s as little as 17 cents a day, a movie ticket, or a few coffees a month - for a lasting impact for Tibet’s freedom. Sign up today: ( has national networks in Canada, UK, India, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Australia - we are truly global!  The following SFT offices also have Rangzen Circle membership programs:If you live in Canada, please join SFT Canada's Rangzen Circle: ( you live in the UK, please join SFT UK's Rangzen Circle: ( you live in Japan, please join SFT Japan's Rangzen Circle: ( monthly support will help SFT:

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