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Are You Up For The Challenge?

We've made great strides in the Facebook Causes Giving Challenge - in the past two weeks, the Tibetan Freedom Movement has gained more than 1,100 donations.

We're still in the running to win $50,000 in the overall challenge, but we need your help. At the moment, Tibetan Freedom Movement is trailing the current 1st place cause, "Overseas China Education Foundation."

Please donate $10 between 3pm (ET) today (Tuesday) and 3pm (ET) tomorrow (Wednesday) and help us win $1,000 in the daily challenge. Your donation will also push us closer to 1st place in the overall challenge for $50,000:

These critical funds help SFT take our campaigns, actions, and leadership trainings to the next level of influence.

Watch Lhadon & Tendor talk about why you should donate $10 to Students for a Free Tibet:

Watch the latest episode of SFTTV and help spread the word:

The overall competition ends on Nov. 6th. With your help, we can win. This is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our grassroots power.

Are you up for the challenge?

Help build our momentum by donating $10 and propel us into first place. Donate now at

Please remember the following rules:

1. Each day, the competition begins at 3pm and ends at 3pm (Eastern Standard Time) the next day. Help us get off to a good start today:

2. You can donate more than once, but only one donation per day will count towards our challenge total. In other words, if you can donate $50 to the Tibetan Freedom Movement, please give $10 on five different days so that each donation will count towards our challenge total and help us come in 1st place.

Tibet Will Be Free!

Lhadon, Tendor, Schuyler, Sonam, Chand, Kate, Stefanie and Everyone at SFT HQ

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