We intend to be the first generation to end hunger and stabilize climate change!

Urban Farming is an international 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We plant food gardens on unused land, space, rooftops and walls, greening urban areas to eradicate hunger.

We began in 2005 with 3 gardens and have now planted over 650 throughout America and abroad. We strive to provide sustainable solutions to the problems facing suffering communities. Community members are taught about healthy eating, envrionmental justice, money management, entrepreneurship and green collar jobs through the Urban Farming network of win-win relationships. This paradigm presents a comprehensive solution to the problems that face impoverished communities. The critical challenges in our world present us with the opportunity to join together to create positive, lasting solutions.

So many people have shared with us how the Urban Farming Food Gardens have helped them, and they are thankful that the fresh healthy produce is free.

Food gardens beautify communities and relieve the stress of having to make difficult choices like putting gas in the tank or feeding the family.

During WW2, nearly 20 million Americans planted Victory Gardens in their yards and grew nearly half of our Nation's produce supply. If they could do it then, we can do it now - globally!

Please join the cause: you may donate, volunteer or help spread the word. Thank you for your support!

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1. We plant organic food gardens on unused land, space, rooftops and walls throughout America and abroad to green our planet and eradicate hunger!

2. We create sustainable solutions to uplift communities!

3. We've planted the equivalent of 650 food gardens throughout America and abroad since 2005!

4. Children, adults and seniors are brought together to learn about nutrition and health.

5. By increasing diversity while working together for a common cause we build safer cities, provide food security, and instill hope for a better future!