Two new Unusual Soldiers Training Events

1. STRANDED MOAB PROMO...I dare you to join us 2. SUBMERGE...your chance to go to a dark, dangerous, and adespised place for Christ. Check it out at


GET IN ON THE ACTION.... By applying or recruiting for one of the $99 training events taking place this May. 1. STRANDED For rustic pioneers that are ready for an adventure and are ready to live bold and daring for…Read More

Here is your chance to do something Radical in Africa!

Derry and Janelle Prenkert, supporters of the Maasai Project, are now on their own Africa mission. Not many will dare do what they are attempting because of the costs, the unknowns, and the lifetime commitment that it involves. They are trying hard to adopt a…Read More

2010 Unusual Soldiers Trips and Training Events

The Unusual Soldiers Trips and Training events are now up on our website ( The application deadline is January 8th, 2010. Here are the Highlights: Training: Stranded -the Unusual Soldiers Outdoor bootcamp- in Nebraska (May) Advanced…Read More

Oops Typo... PM not AM

One of these days I will get someone to edit what I write before I send it out. The event below is PM not AM Nappanee, IN Tuesday night, Sept 22nd Dessert Reception open to all Nappanee Missionary Church Chapel 185 room Enter through door entrance H 7-8:30pm


This summer Unusual Soldiers is pulling off another STRANDED training event for a few brave individuals with a missionary zeal and an adventurous spirit. If you know of someone who qualifies please point them our way or if you are interested in coming please…Read More


This is it the final week to get your registrations in for STRANDED - Unusual Soldier's bootcamp. STRANDED- "Missionary Training Unusual Soldier Style" This training event is over Spring Break for most high school students and it is open to mature…Read More
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