Educate people about the right to own and enjoy the love of a dog.

People should have the right to buy, own, or breed dogs that are chosen to breed because they have good qualities -- health testing, temperament, structure, etc. The current theme to adopt, not buy, will mean the extinction of pure bred dogs. I want my grandchildren to be able to own a purposely bred dog, that can ask about the dogs parents, grand parents, etc. We also support organizations that are trying to stop BSL. It's the first step in eliminating purebred dogs.

1. Know the prsonality type of the dog you wish to own.

2. Bring back respect to breeding a quality dog.

3. Breeding purebred dogs and being stewards of the breed.

4. Educate people about the qualities of pure bred dogs.

5. FIghting Mandatory Spay and Neuter Laws