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The President and First Lady recently launched United We Serve in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service. They called on all of us to roll up our sleeves this summer and work with our friends and neighbors to address the most pressing needs in our communities. In launching they reminded us that service is not simply a nice thing to do, but it is critical to restoring America’s promise.
To join United We Serve:
1) Listen to the call: Click here to view the President’s speech.
2) Answer the call: Visit and sign up for at least 1 volunteer opportunity between now and September 11th.
3) Get others involved: Enlist 5 of your friends in service. Whether you donate three hours this summer to working at a soup kitchen or three hours each week to mentoring a child, it will be more fun and more effective if you serve as a team.
4) Spread the word: Send this message to 10 of your friends.
America’s new foundation will be built through an ethic of service and the personal commitment of individuals willing to give of themselves to create a better future. Through the United We Serve initiative, you have the opportunity to join President Obama in building this new foundation. Visit today. We hope you will join us in answering his call.
In Service,
The Corporation for National and Community Service

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