This unit requires new facilitys for resident parents

I have been trying for months to raise money for the PICU (paediatric intensive care unit) at kings college but with no luck. A lot of people have had dealings with them, perhaps your child or someone you know has had a child in there or god forbid perhaps one day you will have to rely on them. The work they do there is amazing. The staff are second to none and the facilatys out of this world but services like this can't be provided without funds. This is a matter close to my heart as my 6yr old cousin was treated there. I guess i set this group up as i need your help and support. The unit offers a relative room, a brightly colour haven from the stress only the sofas generously donated are worn and un-comfortable and the room could do with a lick of paint. They also offer a accomodation facility for parents with children on the unit, the rooms are fairly homely but what if they could afford to provide a few extra home comforts to make the stay a little more bearable.
I reach out to all the parents that just for a small painful second could imagine what is it like to have a child in such a vunerable postion

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