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Boy injured in gasoline accident finds healing in music


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BOSTON -- A boy injured in a gasoline accident has ended his treatment on a high note.

Lucas Leary, 13, has been strumming up a storm at Shriners Children's Hospital.

Lucas got his hands on a new guitar thanks to "Raising the Blues," a non-profit organization that gives recovering children musical instruments. The program designed to heal and teach.

"We use it as a form of music therapy because it can help to give children a new skill for them to feel proud about," said Annette Whitehead-Pleaux, of Shriners Hospital.

Lucas took to his newfound hobby like a pro.

"He showed great promise immediately learning guitar; he has great skills innately," said Whitehead-Pleaux.

His doctors took note and contacted raising the blues so Lucas could keep on rocking out.

As he strums away on the road to recovery, Shriners Hospital said Lucas should be back up and running soon.

"He might have some time of recovering, but our kids have wonderful outcomes that they're able to resume all physical activities that they were able to do beforehand," Whitehead-Pleaux said.

The mission of "Raising the Blues" is to raise the spirits of children who are recovering from health issues. In Lucas' case, it seems to be working quite well.

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