Sound the Trumpets! We Close this Friday: DDB E-News 5/23/11

Not only are we all still alive after the Doomsday prediction, but THANKS TO YOU and everyone pitching in to donate, we will be closing on the DDB Good Newz Rehab Center this Friday, May 27th! We currently have $176,507 in hand, and really need another $7,500…Read More

Have You Helped Transform Vick's Bad Newz Kennels Yet?

If all 91,000 of our DDB Facebook cause supporters donated $5, we'd easily have $455,000 for the Good Newz Rehab Center! If you haven't donated yet, can you donate now? We've changed our closing date for the…Read More

Dogs Deserve Better E-News 5/10/11: Who Supports Good Newz?

DDB E-News 5/10/11. Thanks and great job to volunteer coordinator Deana Whitfield who has taken over the e-news and is doing a superb job! In this e-news: Good Newz; Chain Off; Featured Rep; and MORE!

Thank you for donating to Chain Off 2010

Dear Donors, Thank you so much for supporting Chain Off 2010.  We greatly appreciate your support. It is because of people like you that we are able to pursue our mission of bringing chained and penned dogs out of a lonely, miserable existence and into a…Read More

Out of the Mouths of Babes...Best Kids' Valentines of 2012

There's just something about the way kids think, they way they write, the way they talk, that has the ability to cut through the drama of everyday life and go straight to the heart of what really matters. Check out some of the best Valentines they created in…Read More

$5,000 in stamps!

Dogs Deserve Better spent $5,000 on stamps today for the valentine project! Have you sponsored a valentine? You can do so for $3 at, or you can donate through this cause page, and the donation will go to the organization, and used…Read More

Donate to the Valentine Project

Please donate to the Valentine Project! Sponsor: 1 for $3 2 for $5 5 for $10 12 for $20 30 for $50 65 for $100
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