Safeway Testing Fish for Mercury and Toxins has long advocated for testing of fish for mercury and other toxins to keep toxic fish off fish counters. Now our friends at Safe Harbor Foods are partnering with Safeway supermarkets to test all fresh seafood in 47 Safeway stores in Oregon and…Read More

Food Safety Alert - Fish Jerky is High in Mercury - Physician Testing Exposes Problem

Jerky made from marlin, ahi tuna and salmon contains mercury concentrations that reached levels five to 28 times the U.S. government limits. A new study conducted by a San Francisco physician and Chico State was published yesterday in the peer-review Journal…Read More

GotMercury Investigation Wins Emmy for NBC TV Station

On Saturday, August 6, NBC 4-KTTV in Los Angeles won the Medical New Story—Multi Report Emmy Award for its series featuring and its undercover fish testing, which revealed dangerous mercury concentrations in tuna and swordfish. Link to the…Read More

New Mercury-in-Fish Research Center Opens

After being poisoned by eating too much mercury-laden fish, IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond has launched a new mercury-in-fish research center at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York. GotMercury is linked on the comprehensive new website. Reach more at…Read More

Invitation to join Got Mercury's fan page

As someone interested in the topic of mercury in seafood and a member of the Got Mercury Cause page, I would like to invite you to "Like" the Got Mercury fan page. By joining you can be sure to be kept informed of the latest information on mercury…Read More

Got Mercury and The Cove launch new mercury in seafood calculator

Mercury-in-Seafood Calculator Launched with The Cove DVD Release and Participant Media provide online tool for seafood eaters to check mercury exposure The new The Cove – GotMercury online mercury-in-seafood calculator is being launched today…Read More

Toxic Tuna and Holiday Food Drives

Holiday food drives are in full swing with everyone across the country dropping thousands of cans of tuna into boxes at churches, schools, supermarkets and food banks. What you may not realize is that for women who are or plan to become pregnant and their…Read More
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