Independent, Sustainable housing for the people: Build a 2 bedroom Earthship demonstration residence for Philadelphia. Teach the people of Philadelphia how to build/live independently and sustainably.

To: Philadelphia City Council
"Earthship Philadelphia"
Community Support Declaration
Our mission is to bring sustainability to urban communities. We want to create jobs and financial prosperity in low income neighborhoods with Earthships. When we are successful, we will be making history with the first Earthship in an urban environment in the U.S.

An Earthship is a passive solar home.
An Earthship is made with recycled materials, namely tires.
An Earthship provides it own electricity.
An Earthship heats and cools itself.
An Earthship manages and treats its own sewage.
An Earthship grows its own food.

This project in Philadelphia is a Six week workshop building a 2 bedroom Earthship with industry and government officials as well as individual citizens learning alongside the Earthship Biotecture crew.

1. buildings should heat & cool themselves

2. buildings should make their own electricity

3. buildings should contain and treat their own sewage

4. buildings should catch and provide clean water

5. buildings should provide the capacity to grow food