May National Brain Tumor Awareness Month

May National Brain Tumor Awareness Month - Wear Grey in Support of Brain…Read More

1 Year Anniversary

I am a little delayed.....sorry. From Jake's Caringbridge site. Hello Team Jake!! I just wanted to let you know that today is the 1 Year Anniversary of the miraculous news that Jake’s tumors were gone. I still get chills when I think about that day and how…Read More

The scan was CLEAR!!!

Jake is NED(No Evidence of the Disease) The scan was CLEAR!!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Jake has an MRI Wednesday December 9

Send Positive Thoughts and Prayers to Jake. He has an MRI on Wednesday. We want it NED - No Evidence of Disease. Please take a moment to check out We need to fight Brain Cancer. Happy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving!

Share the Hope

A nice chance to do something good --- a 5 yr old little boy named Noah is in the last stages of Nueroblastoma cancer (2 1/2 yr battle). The family is celebrating Christmas next week, and Noah's request is to get a lot of Christmas cards. Lets send the little…Read More

Positive Vibes and Prayers Needed

Jake continues to improve and thrive. He has as follow up MRI on Friday September 11th. Please send your prayers and postive thoughts that Jake's scan comes back NED ( no evidence of disease) not to mention for his continued improvement. Thank you for your…Read More
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