To provide medical attention and foster care while seeking permanent homes for abused and abandoned Great Danes in the North Texas area.

To reach its goals, Great Dane Rescue of North Texas rescues sick, injured, abused, and abandoned Great Danes, finds loving and knowledgeable permanent homes, educates the public about the temperament, characteristics and special needs of the Great Dane breed, teaches responsible pet ownership, promotes animal identification programs, spay/neuter programs and general animal population control. We are members of the Great Dane Rescue Alliance and DFW CARES. We provide several financial and educational public programs.

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Visit www.danerescue.net for more information and to interact with our community of volunteers, fosters, adopters and other Great Dane enthusiasts.

1. To rescue, heal and find permanent homes for Great Danes

2. Educate the public about the breed

3. Promote spay/neuter programs