Anti-war forces denounce President’s war plans

Last week’s announcement that Washington plans an occupation force of up to 50,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely – plus countless civilian mercenaries – and an immediate increase of 17,000 troops in Afghanistan, met a firestorm of protest and opposition. Iraq…Read More

Help Jon document the surge in resistance!

Dear members of Support GI Resistance and Sanctuary, We should all help Jon Orlando if possible -- his work building the GI Resistance and veterans movement is excellent. To see his current work, go to: Jon Orlando Photography Please…Read More

Bring the Guard Home: Jan 21 DC conference report

Thanks to Leah Bolger for the following, from the cause "Bring the Guard Home (it's the law!) We had a very successful press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The press room was packed with media and supporters, and we had a good level…Read More

radio broadcast on GI Resistance & Sanctuary

The link below will take you to a radio broadcast that aired yesterday on GI Resistance & Sanctuary: Featured were Sgt Selena Coppa and Jabbar Magruder, leaders…Read More

Our first TV show!

Dear Friends, here's the first TV show on our cause: Support GI Resistance & Sanctuary. Check it Friday, 1/30, 9:30-10:30 on Channel 34 in Manhattan, or on Comments, questions, suggestions & contributions welcome! (For tax-deductible…Read More

Peace, Sanctuary, and Amnesty Now!

By Dee Knight and Friends (See endnote.) ([email protected]) January 5, 2009 Barrack Obama’s electoral victory places the issue of peace at the top of the nation’s agenda. Obama started his campaign with a promise to end the war in Iraq, or at least…Read More

Canada deports war resisters: campaign launched for Sanctuary and Amnesty

By Dee Knight Iraq war resisters Cliff Cornell and Chris Teske were deported from Canada last week. Chris crossed the British Columbia-Washington State border unassisted on Thursday at an undisclosed location. Cliff planned to do the same on Friday. The two…Read More
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