New Members

Congratulations! We now have 250 members and are the size of a "crew". Thanks for inviting people to join our group. Please continue to invite people so we can reach the level "squad".

New Members

Thank you all for joining our cause. We have finally reached 200 members. Please keep inviting people to join our cause!

We need new members

Hi, I have noticed that less and less people are joining and I would like that to change. I would like each person to choose 10 friends (at least) and invite them to join our cause. Thank you for your support. Justin

New Members

We have a recent slow down in the number of new members we have. Please invite more people and take the pledge to invite 100 people if you haven't already. Thanks so much for your cooperation, Justin

New Picture

I have recently switched the picture to look a little less boring :). If you have any suggestions, please write it on our wall or make a new discussion. Thanks so much and please continue to invite people and take the pledge.

New Members

We need more members!!!! 100 more until we reach the status of "crew". Thank you so much for your participation! Please take the plege :)


Happy lunar new year to all! We hope you have a great year of the ox! Continue inviting members, we are a club with 126 members :)
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