Breastfeeding letter goes to Congress

A letter signed by 90 organizations went to Congress this month, asking for $15 million a year in line-item funding to help build a sustainable infrastructure to support breastfeeding. It also asks that an Interagency Work Group on breastfeeding to help…Read More

Hospitals will be required to measure breastfeeding!

Hi all, Big news-- the Joint Commission, which accredits most US hospitals, will start requiring maternity facilities to report their rates of exclusive breastfeeding among those infants who are breastfeeding. This is huge news for breastfeeding. Read more…Read More

Pls take action: the Breastfeeding Promotion Act is here!!

This month, the US House and Senate introduced the Breastfeeding Promotion Act. If passed, it would be the first federal legislation to promote breastfeeding for all. Please take 60 seconds to contact your Senators and Representatives by using this link,…Read More

Breastfeeding needs to be part of health care reform.

JAMA urges medical organizations to sever ties with industry

Dear BTB member, This month, 11 of the US's leading doctors published a strongly worded statement in the Journal of the American Medical Society recommending that all professional medical organizations sever their ties with pharmaceutical industry. This did…Read More

Stop the Mommy Wars!

Hanna Rosin's Atlantic article was followed by a similar one in Mother Jones and an appearance on an WNYC radio this morning. MomsRising has this to say;

Anti-Breastfeeding Storm

Hi all, This morning Hanna Rosin appeared on the Today Show to discuss her article in tomorrow's Atlantic Monthly, "The Case Against Breastfeeding." These stories pit moms against each other, instead of uniting people in fighting the underlying problem: poor…Read More
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