sorry for my long absense

Dear BDI Members, I know quite a lot of you must have been wondering what happened to the convener?not to worry am alive and health,but i had a grass root assignment in a remote area of North Central Nigeria.Those who are there need our inspirations…Read More

Watch out for the Agenda Setting Summit of BDI.

Dear Members, The elections have come and gone.But as usual not without tales and cries.Some pleasant and some very unpleasant.We in the BDI stand for justice,civlity and unity.As the appeal process unfolds,BDI want to restate our trust in the judiciary as…Read More


Dear BDI Members, As we all go to the polls tomorrow to elect through the ballot persons who will represent our yearning and aspirations in the National assembly in the next four years,let us bear in mind the need to vote for only candidates that we truly…Read More


Hi Member, I believe most of us have perfomed our civic duty of registering so as to eventually vote in the upcoming general elections.Your vote is your power,so endeavour to use it wisely. This is the time to ensure that we vote out politicians who reneged…Read More

National Youth Summit

This is to invite interested Benue Youths to a National Youth Summit coming up in Abuja in a couple of days,Organized by the Federal Ministry Of Youths. Please interested persons should contact me ASAP 0n 07057292745 or send an email to [email protected]Read More


One of the guarantees and hallmark of democracy is the provision for periodic elections,that afford the electorate the opportunity elect aspirants that meet their aspirations via the casting of votes in a free and fair manner. Nigeria has struggled in the…Read More

Nigeria workers deserve a rise.

Benue Development Initiative ( BDI ) wish to join other well meaning Nigerians to appeal to the Federal,State Governments and private sector in the interest of the suffering Nigerian workers and family,concede to the demand for N18,000 as new minimum…Read More
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