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Prayer Challenge for the week of Valentine's

I NEED PRAYER NOW.ORG turns 1 month old this weekend. We have been praying for many requests and we now have over 200 facebook users who have joined the cause.

Through prayer, God has prompted us to issue a challenge to all those who have joined the cause. Facebook has been a great way for us to get the word out, but it is our goal to be more than just a “join and forget about it” destination. It is our goal to actually nurture a healthy prayer life for all of those connected to us.

The challenge is simple and we truly believe that God is using this ministry to ask you to examine your relationship with Him through us and this request. We are a prayer ministry and the challenge is about prayer. To participate, you only need to pray earnestly and draw closer to God and listen to His Holy Spirit.

The challenge is for 7 days. The first day will begin on Sunday February 7th and the challenge will end on Valentines day the 14th. The ministry is asking you to pray and meditate over a specific topic each of the seven days. The only work involved is that we ask you to enter at least 1 prayer for each of the 7 days in the prayer request box at I NEED PRAYER NOW.ORG. The site can be used completely anonymously, it is private, secure and there are no advertisers. We just want you to actively take this prayer challenge seriously and we want to pray for you and with you as you take part in it. At the end of the challenge we will announce the percentage of people who participated in the challenge. I assume that all those who joined our cause did so because they have a heart for Prayer. I believe this challenge will test our hearts.

Day 1: Enter a prayer that God would reveal Himself to you in a completely new way that you have never experienced before. (Be specific if you would like to see Him move in a special way.) That He would surprise you with His goodness and majesty and sweep you off your feet in a personal undeniable way. Then meditate on that all day. Look for it, expect it, wait on it and then get ready to be blown away by it.

Day 2: Enter a prayer today that God would give you a burden for the lost people around you like you have never had before. Name some people you know at work, school or home or in your family specifically. Ask Him to remind you of how incredible it was for you to be born again and the excitement and freedom that you experienced. Meditate on those lost individuals and pray without ceasing on day 2 that the Holy Spirit would be speaking to those individuals and tilling the soil of their heart.

Look for the next days instructions in a post later this week and just concentrate on these small efforts to begin.

I will be honest with you, I have seen in similar challenges that I have been involved in that a 20% participation rate would be considered average. How sad is that. Only 2 out of 10 who receive this will actually bother to pray and seek God on these issues. I would like to think that you joined this cause because you love God and love to Pray. Now its time to find out if that is true. Are any of us really “too busy” to take this simple challenge?

May you seek Christ and follow Him with all that you have,


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