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Ministry Update - From the I Need Prayer Now .org Team

It is not often that the team here at Ineedprayernow steps out from behind the scences to post something on the site.

However, we wanted to share with you all that God is doing within the ministry and celebrate with you.

First we must say a heartfelt "Thank You" to all od the faithful followers of I Need Prayer Now .org who take time out of thier day to pray for those individuals who have submitted their prayer requests to the ministry. It is a great blessing to us to know that many of you are engaging your faith and spending time with God on the behalf of others as a result of the ministry. Thank you.

In Celebration, we wanted to share with you that by the end of the week, the ministry will have received and posted over 1000 public prayer requests so far in 2010. Additionaly we have had the priviledge to pray for over 300 prayer requests as a ministry team that chose to remain private at the time of thier prayer submission. We think that is pretty awesome! As a reference point, we had receivied less than 700 public and private prayer requests total in all of 2009.

As the number of prayer requests that we recive grows we want to encourage you to remin faithful to the prayer ministry in the days ahead. You can make a real difference in someones life.

Our team is constantly reminded as we engage in the prayer ministry that the words we read on the page for each prayer request always represents a real person on the other end. That person may have no one else in their life approaching the throne of God on their behalf. We belive that every prayer lifted up to God on their behalf is essential and I know that they feel that way as well as demonstrated by their initial request and effort to reach out to others through the ministry.

We also encourage you to take advantage of the "comments" function of the public prayer blog as often as possible. Let those who you are praying for know that you are walking beside them. I am sure they would love to hear encouraging words, scripture support and compassion from each of you.

Finally, we wanted to let you know that you are working towards making this ministry have a higher impact and reach for everyone involved and we appreciate having you partner with us.

Thank you for the time that you take to pray for others,
The I Need Prayer Now .org Team

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