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Prayer Challenge for the week of Valentine's Part 3

We are now in the final phase of our prayer challenge and it is my hope that many of you have been blessed by it. I believe God is blessing the ministry as a result of our team effort. In the first challenge announcement I stated that we had just crossed the 200 facebook user threshold. It took us 1 month to get there. We have added another 100 in the past five days with no extra effort on our part. Wow!! If you are new to the cause and are not familiar with the Prayer Challenge, you can find it explained here in past announcements.

It is our hope that every person who has joined this cause would truly be impacted by it for Christ. Lets jump right in to our final 2 days topics.

Day 6: Maybe you thought you could stay inside your comfort zone and let out a sigh of relief when I only asked you to pray for the lost souls around you on Day 2. Prayer is an incredibly powerful resource when interceding for others, no doubt, but ultimately it is one of God's best resources to move us. Enter a prayer today that God would use you to witness to at least one of those individuals that you prayed for on Day 2. Pray that He would strengthen you to be the tool He would use today to share the very words of life with that individual. Sadly, many professing Christians have never shared their faith, or intend to. How that must break God's heart. It isn't that difficult. You could give them a call and use a simple conversation starter like "I was wondering, what do you think happens to someone after they die?" If you need some more tools to get started sharing your faith, the best personal evangelism website that I know of on the planet is at . You can do it!!

Day 7: Today is Valentines Day and today is all about making Jesus Christ the love of your life. Enter a prayer today in the form of a love letter to him. Have you ever thought of God as a romantic? Well, you better believe He is. He is absolutely head over heels love sick for you and He has been your whole life. Think back on all of the love he has showered on you. Take the time today to write your Savior a love letter. Tell Him why he is special to you, how he makes you feel and how much you need him and adore him. Jesus doesn't just want you to love him, he wants you to be "in love" with Him. Are you? Meditate on that. Am I really "in love" with Christ? Is that what he would say? If not, why not, he is the most lovable and love worthy person in the Universe.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this challenge if you did. I know it has been a blessing for me. If you participated at all, would you please let us know by posting your feedback on our cause wall. Based on the data we have right now, less than 5% of the people who received the challenge participated. Evidently it’s a lot easier to profess to believe in a cause than it is to participate in one….

Thank you again and we look forward to what the future holds.

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