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Prayer Challenge for the week of Valentine's Part 2

We hope you have been taking part in our Prayer challenge for the past two days. If you didn’t receive the 1st email containing all of the details it can be found in the announcements section of our cause page on facebook at . Here is the next 3 days topics

Day 3: Enter a prayer today that God would begin in you a new hunger for His word. That you would desire to spend more time and energy getting to know Him through Bible Study and meditation. God desires to share new and exciting truths and direction with you today. Read the entire book of 1st John today. Its only 5 short chapters.

Day 4: Enter a prayer today that God would present you with an opportunity to perform a random act of kindness toward someone that comes across your path throughout your day. Pray that He would present you with the opportunity, the courage and the nerve to bless another person and then say on purpose to the recipient “I did this for you today, because God wanted to remind you how much He loves you.

Day 5: Enter a prayer today that God would reveal to you a sin that is currently hindering the progress of your spiritual growth. Examine your heart intently and spend some quiet time today listening to God’s response to your request. Sin is the barrier between you and success in your relationship with the Father. Confess it to Him, and cry out to Him for the strength to overcome it. There is a reason you have hung onto it this long. Find out what it is and ask Him to heal that brokenness.

Our prayers are with you. Look to hear from us again later in the week.

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