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Prayer Ministry Update

As we close out another Prayer Ministry year and look ahead to 2011 we just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the people of prayer that have taken the time to invest in the lives of others in this special way.

What a unique and powerful opportunity we have to engage with Christ and His purposes by interceding on the behalf of others through prayer. By taking just a few minutes out of your busy day to pray for others you have made an incredible impact in the lives of real individuals that I am sure none of us will fully comprehend in this lifetime.

In 2009 we closed out the year having received over 600 prayer requests during those twelve months. In 2010 we saw that number jump to over 1800 prayer requests from over 50 different countries around the globe. Each of those prayer request has a real life attached to it on the other end of the computer and many of those lives are experiencing real pain and dark issues that not only need our help, but require it. Thanks for making a difference for those individuals. Many of them have expressed their appreciation for your efforts.

We also upgraded the technology platforms that we use this past year and that has accommodated a much more fluid presentation of the submitted prayer requests via the public prayer website. Additionally we launched our facebook page. We saw a slow growth in our twitter followers as well as seeing our daily prayer email and RSS feed reader subscribers increase. All of these growth strategies we hope will result in more people praying for each and every prayer request that is submitted to the ministry. We believe that there is great power in numbers concerning prayer and we want to tap into that power.

Sadly, from the inception of the ministry we have always had more individuals requesting prayer than we have had faithful intercessors praying on their behalf through the channels that we have provided. Hopefully this year that will change. Tell your friends, family and Church contacts about this great opportunity to engage in prayer and make a high impact difference for the Kingdom of Christ.

Again Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this simple ministry opportunity over the past year. Now lets make 2011 the year that we spread this opportunity to others and engage more heavily.

The I Need Prayer Now .org Team

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