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Good Day
You are receiving this message because you recently requested to be a Prayer Partner with I Need Prayer

We have done several upgrades to the Public Prayer Blog ( since the beginning of the year.

Many of you may have experienced sporadic or limited functionality with our “prayer request by email” service. As a result we have upgraded to a more reliable email distribution service offered by goggle called Feedburner. Feedburner will deliver a once daily prayer request digest of the days submitted prayer requests to any registered user.

If you have been experience problems with the current prayer request distribution service such as blank emails or no delivery then please click on the following link to upgrade to the new provider. All email information is completely secure and always private."

Also we have started an I Need Prayer Twitter account if you would prefer to receive “Prayer Request Tweets” via your mobile device. Tweets are delivered per post so you will receive one with every new prayer request submitted. Our twitter account is found here.

During January 2010 we had 71 Prayer Requests from 10 Different Countries Across the World – 31 States Within the U.S. Each one was a real person with real feelings with a real request for God's people to come along side of them in Prayer.

Thank you for joining us in this Kingdom work.

The I Need Prayer team

Ken McGarity
Cause Creator

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