Support the petition for their lives. We ask Iran to release the young homosexuals

On January 23rd, 2008, Hamzeh Chavi and Loghman Hamzehpour, two gay young men of 18 and 19, were arrested by the police in Sardasht, in Iranian Azerbaijan. During questioning the two admitted to their “crime” of loving each other and being in a relationship. This confession was enough for the Islamic court to commit them to trial on two of the most serious charges for Iran: mohareb, the crime of those who are "enemies of Allah" and lavat, sodomy. Iranian criminal law still envisages the death sentence for homosexual relations. EveryOne Group lounches an international campaign and a petition in which it appeals to the United Nations to ask for urgent intervention and to the Iranian Government to spare the lives of the two boys

1. www.petitiononline.com/irangay

2. http://www.everyonegroup.com/EveryOne/MainPage/Entries/2009/1/12_Gays_in_Iran._The_United_Nations_must_speak_out_and_save_Hamzeh_and_Loghman.html