Election Day--October 1st---Vote YES

Thursday October 1st is election day. If you want a new LHS Now Vote Yes and encourage all of your friends and family members to vote.

Resolution passed to fund LHS

Thursday night the Budget Committee approved a resolution to fund the construction of a new LHS. The County Commission will meet and hear the resolution at their July 20 meeting. Encourage commissioners to support the budget committee recommendation and…Read More

June 8th Joint Meeting June 8th 6p.m. Courthouse

Monday night's joint meeting between the county commission's budget and education committees, as well as the board of education, will be another collaborative effort to try and identify a source of funding for a new Lebanon High School.

Wilson Post 5/27/09

Another chapter was written Tuesday night in the ongoing saga of the possible new Lebanon High School, when Board Chair Teddy Cook, moved to rescind all previous agreements regarding the construction of the new school and to reject any and all bids previously…Read More

Meeting planed to discuss funding LHS--no date or time yet

When District 20 Commissioner Annette Stafford made a motion for the education committee, the Budget Committee and the school board to work together to develop a revenue stream to fund the school, education panel Chair Paul Abercrombie seconded, and the…Read More

Meeting January 29

There will be a meeting of the Education Committee (County Commission), the Finance Committee (County Commission), and the School Board. Please contact members if you are interested. You can find commissioner phone numbers at…Read More


Go to http://www.lhsnow.com/ for more information.
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