Let's turn FB green to support organ donation! :-)

Check out this cause, link.... make sure you join! SUPPORT ORGAN DONATION IS AWESOME!

Baby Karlee, is doing wonderful with her donated liver from her hero!

Just wanted to give you a little update and let you know that baby Karlee, that was born with cancer, had her liver transplant and is doing well. Still in ICU but it looks like she might be moving out of ICU very soon! :-) Continued thoughts and prayers are…Read More

Please pray for my cousins baby!

Needing prayers and comforting thoughts as my cousins baby was born with cancer, in March. Treatment has continued and one thing has led to another and Dr.'s have decided she needs a liver transplant. Poor little sweet baby Karlee, is six months old. My…Read More

Remember how blessed you are in your life and make sure that you are paying it forward.

Please sign up to be organ donor, spread the awareness by volunteering, if you can donate any little amount helps.....and make sure you are talking to others about how important organ donation is!!! If you have any questions, please e-mail me!


Thanks for all that have joined, thanks for all that have spread the awareness and how important organ donation is. Remember you can sign up at anytime!:) http://www.organdonor.gov/donor/index.htm Summer is coming and take care!

Candelight Vigil---OHIO

Please support organ donation, this month is National Organ Donor month............ recognize those that are waiting for organs, those donors that have given organs and those who died waiting......and those who are recipents!!!

Encouraging !

Thanks for all our members! We have slowing been gaining members. The key is to have friends and family join! Become a donor and spread the awareness!!! http://organdonor.gov/donor/index.htm SUPPORT DONATE LIFE! Don't wait for something big to occur.…Read More
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