NY Medical Marijuana Bill Needs Your Voice NOW!!!!!!

New York lawmakers continue to debate legislation this year that seeks to enact legal protections for authorized medical marijuana patients. Assembly Bill A. 9016 , and its Senate companion bill, S. 4041 would allow state-qualified patients to possess up to…Read More

Goal for 2010 - Cannabis Consumers: Come Out of The Closet!

“Stoners Come out of the Grow Closet” named new goal of 2010! December 29, 2009 by 420jen For Immediate Release: “Come out of the closet” just named the #1 goal of stoners in 2010. When we look at how and why California’s medical cannabis law was passed, we…Read More

Don't Let Congress Censor The Legalization Debate!!!!!! Important Action Alert

Important National Action Alert- U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee could vote as soon as this Thursday, Nov 5 on amendment that will legally prevent the government's top advisers from even discussing the idea of legalizing or decriminalizing drugs as a solution…Read More

NY Harvest Festival & The Harvest Fest after party!

15th Annual NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair / Political Rally Oct 9-12, 2009 Camp Minglewood, Hancock, NY Than Friday Oct 16th at The Chance in Poughkeepsie Damn Sam Presents The Harvest Fest after party with: 420 Funk Mob w/ special guest George…Read More

Sign The LEAP Petition

Please come to the cause page and sign the LEAP petition and don't forget to check out the April 17, 2009 Rally, Concert & Lobby Day in Albany, NY To End Marijuana Prohibition! This will be the largest, single day, marijuana legalization lobby effort in…Read More

Please visit damnsam.com to take action!

Greetings and thanks for being a part of End Marijuana Prohibition NY (and beyond)! Please invite your friends on facebook to our group. Also please visit: http://www.damnsam.com Here you can contact President Obama, The NY Gov. and Assembly & Senate.…Read More

Call Pres. Obama About California Raids

Call and write the White House - Obama has been challenged by the Drug Enforcement Agency on his campaign promise to stop the DEA raids on medical cannabis patients and caregivers in states where protective laws have already been passed: Alaska | California…Read More
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