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Goal for 2010 - Cannabis Consumers: Come Out of The Closet!

“Stoners Come out of the Grow Closet” named new goal of 2010!
December 29, 2009 by 420jen

For Immediate Release:
“Come out of the closet” just named the #1 goal of stoners in 2010.

When we look at how and why California’s medical cannabis law was passed, we find that it is inexorably linked to the gay rights movement. The same folks were organizing both movements in San Francisco, with many of the same supporters literally coming out to the streets to protest the treatment of both gays and stoners. Now, in SF and all of Cali, both gays and stoners live better lives there, free to be themselves with fewer worries.

The changes came when they motivated voters to get out there and not only vote but to be public and unashamed.

Few people organized, but thousands participated by voting, protesting, marching, and more than anything, being active and aware.

We have a handicap in NY: it’s that people feel like they have no power, and why should they? Albany, and the way laws are made there is a foreign concept; it may as well be another planet. Located on the edge of the state, far from large upstate cities, far enough from NYC that barely anyone makes it there to visit the lawmakers and tell them what they want.

Worse of all, people fear the buildings Albany like they’re the police and will arrest us if we whisper the word “marijuana” in the hallways.

I want to say: This isn’t true; a handful of us have been there over the years, in and out, whispering and shouting the word; one activist even bringing in a live plant (which they refuse to charge the defendant with anything other than possession not cultivation, or disturbing the peace, or anything else!) We have not been followed home, or arrested on the spot.

It’s simply just like going into the straightest place you’ve ever been, and talking about something they’ve made us believe is taboo, and speaking about it as if it already is normal. It’s so fun; you get to live in the moment of cannabis being “normal” and act like a professional while doing it. I put on a suit so we all look alike. That’s the first step. Then, I print out some paperwork from my computer and go in and hand it to them while speaking about something I’m passionate about, and walk out of there totally empowered even if the legislator smirked at my ideals in my face. It’s ok, since I took up time in their day, and they have to think about my thoughts now too. It’s off my chest and I can relax some, knowing I did what I could to end the madness and the suffering.

I for one am sick and tired of being one of the few dozens in NY who has bothered to take the time to do anything about it. People always end up getting involved one way or another, whether they choose to or not. Maybe it’s because of a friend getting busted they are forced to suddenly pay attention, or they lose the chance at a life-saving treatment because they develop one of the many common conditions that cannabis is proven to alleviate or cure entirely. If people chose to be involved before they were thrown into the problem, we’d have enough votes and momentum to squash these laws in an instant.

But people’s lives are more important. ???? Just think about that. Ironically, your own personal life is exactly the reason for being involved! Save your life and those of your friends and family before they go to prison or lose the chance at a cannabis treatment option that could save them safely, cheaply and naturally.

You all need to wake up and realize that you are leaving this problem to be fixed by others, while you willingly pay into the system that produces all these problems. That is literally what it boils down to: if you are not standing up and fighting with us, you are only working directly against yourself, by paying taxes that fund police and prisons. If you do nothing to stop the madness, you are absolutely working against us because the only thing you are doing is working and paying taxes that go against the work that us few activists are doing.


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