We need to change the laws regarding marijuana (cannabis, hemp). Re-legalize Today!

In short, marijuana prohibition is based upon archaic myths and untruths, and should no longer be tolerated. Modern scientific evidence reveals what many, who have tried marijuana, already realize- that marijuana is not only much safer than alcohol and tobacco, but that it possesses immense medicinal value. Despite the fact that marijuana has proven greatly beneficial in the treatment of many illnesses and conditions, the sick and dying are denied access to what, in many cases, is the best or only medicine known. Additionally, despite the stigma that marijuana use is a fringe activity, almost one out of every two Americans is estimated to have tried marijuana. Its use, therefore, is extremely normal. Due to its prevalence in American society, it is neither democratically appropriate nor equitable to continue to criminally punish marijuana usage when almost half of the population has engaged in its use. In fact, if everyone who has tried marijuana was arrested, prosecuted and jailed, pursuant to our outdated marijuana laws, over 100 million Americans would be in prison. Although the rest of the world is quickly moving towards a rational decriminalization policy on marijuana, in this country, marijuana prohibition continues to needlessly and unfairly destroy the lives and careers of countless good, hardworking, productive and responsible American citizens. More than 700,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana charges last year alone and more than 5 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses in the past decade. This is a misapplication of the criminal sanction and wastes valuable law enforcement resources which should be focused on violent crime and terrorism. Marijuana use can and should be further decriminalized and regulated in the same manner as tobacco and alcohol.

In 1937 the U.S. government outlawed a plant, Cannabis hemp (or today's more commonly known name, marijuana). Hemp is the oldest cultivated crop known to man. Every civilization with a written history has praised its uses. It is arguably the earths premier renewable natural resource, with uses as far ranging as: fuel, fiber, food, medicine, paper, construction materials, cement, dynamite, plastics, etc (the list goes on & on). Today many of the natural products provided by hemp have been replaced by dirty, expensive, petrochemical based products.

The government claims this prohibition is in the name of public health and safety; to keep U.S. citizens from using just the female flower, the part known as marijuana. In 1937 there were 50,000 marijuana users in America. Today, the US government's own statistics say that 20 to 50 million Americans smoke marijuana--thus proving the ineffectiveness of their laws. This prohibition has insured that this plant is never grown by American farmers, except by illegal, tax free growers, and for marijuana only.

Today, there are a growing number of concerned citizens and activists around the country dedicated to bring forth factual education and the logical uses of Cannabis hemp. This movement of people in their actions and their ideals, defy the stereotypes of "reefer madness." To the contrary, this movement is trying to bring forth a culture of self preservation, prosperity, peace, truth and environmental sanity.

"Prohibition...goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes... A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principals upon which our government was founded."
-Abraham Lincoln (December 1840)

1. Stop all arrests for marijuana offences

2. Free all marijuana prisoners

3. Put forth truthful information regarding the use and uses of cannabis, hemp.