A little rant about Australia

An advertisement in Adelaide involving a very low-detail painting of a woman wearing only pizza was removed because of community concern that it "increases curiosity in children and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation, sexually transmitted diseases and…Read More

Youtubes downfall...

Recently there's been a proverbial 'raping' to the member's of the very popular site you all have probably been to called youtube.com. Everything from the sudden deletion of videos, to whole channels just up and banned for little or no reason and/or…Read More

website update.

SO we have the basis of what's going on with the site but we need visual content. You know, works of art, pictures logos, etc... If anyone of you would like your artwork featured on our site, I would be super psyched, thank you , and make sure you got credit…Read More

Update on the Causes fast anf forthcoming progression.

Wow, only bout a week old and already about to break a hundred, I am proud of my baby. Thanks to all of the people who've joined and supported us so far. If I knew you in school or whatnot, feel free to add me as an actual friend, though tell me in the note…Read More

Wow thanks!

Oh man I can't believe I already have ten members.... I started this cause on sort of a whim... I mean It's a cause I find near and dear to my heart but I never thought I would get people to join outside of a few close friends.... Alright, So I peeped out…Read More
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