minimise the wastage of plastic bags.

Plastic bags start as crude oil, natural gas, or other petrochemical derivatives, which are transformed into chains of hydrogen and carbon molecules known as polymers or polymer resin. After being heated, shaped, and cooled, the plastic is ready to be flattened, sealed, punched, or printed on. Each year 10 of billions polyethylene plastic bags are discarded. (Only 0.6 percent of plastic bags are recycled.)

When 1 ton of plastic bags is reused or recycled, the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil are saved. The energy and other environmental impacts embodied in a plastic grocery bag is somewhat less than in a paper grocery bag. But paper is easier to recycle, being accepted in most recycling programs whereas the recycling rate for plastic bags is very low.

All these processes harms our Earth and contributes to global warming. This issue is global so what are we waiting for? Lets Make statement , Join in this movement, and stamped out wastage of plastic!

1. Everyone can play a part in environmental issues.

2. Every bag counts.

3. Don't ask for plastic bags for small purchases.