Provide the knowledge, tools and inspiration for children to choose the path to peace.

Kids Creating Peace (KCP) is an educational peace program created by Spirituality for Kids (SFK) in order to address the unique circumstances encountered by children in war-torn areas of the world.

We believe that the crucial first step towards achieving sustainable peace starts with recognizing the inner peace in every one of us. Spiritual practice is the first step in changing the common attitude of hatred to one of hope and tolerance, which provides a fertile basis for building peaceful communities. For this reason SFK launched the KCP pilot program in Israel and Palestine.

Just as SFK teaches children all over the world the universal tools to make conscious choices and overcome challenges, KCP applies the principles of tolerance and human dignity to children caught in real-world conflicts, enabling them to create change for themselves and future generations.

Since its launch, KCP has brought together thousands of Arab and Jewish children for special programs, events and summer camp experiences, in order to nourish bonds of friendship and tolerance.

1. Our goal is simple - end the abuse, the conflict and the cycle.

2. But without you our goals will stay a dream.

3. Your support can make it happen. and it must happen.