Finding Cures for Cancer, Saving Children's Lives

My Husband and I are Partners in Hope. We have a daughter, Mikayla, who was born two months premature. She spent several weeks in the hospital. Mikayla spent much of her 1st year of life in the Dr.'s office and in the hospital. She continued to get sick with very high fevers (106) without a known cause. Mikayla was tested for everything including cancer and other diseases. Finally, we took her to Children's Hospital in New Brunswick for help. They were able to find out the problem. Mikayla had an aggressive bacteria in her bladder that was not discovered by her pediatrician and standard hospital doctors. When children are little, especially girls, it is often hard to get a urine sample, short of a catheter. The catheter method is a last resort. So, things like this can be missed. When we got to the Children's hospital in New Brunswick, they welcomed us with open arms and listened to us speak through our tears of frustration. Because they were able to use their specialized knowledge to help my daughter, she is finally a healthy little girl and putting some weight on. My family and I have come to appreciate the work that these individuals do to help families out like us. This is why we have become Partners in Hope through the St Jude Website and conduct other volunteer activities. Whether you donate $1 or $20, everything helps these children.

My brother, suddenly departed this world at the young age of 32 this December 08. He was a simple, quiet, loving, and generous soul. Although he never had the opportunity to have a wife and family, he made time to help children. He too was a Partner in Hope. Nothing will bring my brother back to me. But we can continue his spirit of giving!

1. www.stjude.org

2. Please visit stjude.org for any donations and various ways to help!

3. Your support helps children all over the country! Someone you know may benefit from your generosity and support one day! Every $1 counts!

4. My brother's life suddenly ended at age 32 this Dec. 08. He was a loving person who always helped out the kids of St. Jude.Let's continue his spirit