No woman should have to risk her life, her health, her well-being, or her family's well-being because she lacks safe reproductive health care.

Ipas is the only organization working in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe dedicated entirely to ending preventable deaths and disabilities from unsafe abortion. We address the scourge of unsafe abortion by training health-care providers, working with program managers to optimize health service delivery, promoting appropriate reproductive-health technologies, and partnering with policymakers and advocates to bring about positive changes in health policies and practices. Through local, national and global partnerships, Ipas works to ensure that women can obtain safe, respectful and comprehensive abortion care, including counseling and family planning to prevent future unintended pregnancies.

1. Every woman has a right to the highest attainable standard of health and to safe reproductive health choices, including safe abortion care.

2. Worldwide, unsafe abortion endangers 19 million women every year and causes approximately 66,000 preventable deaths.

3. Unsafe abortion is not only a public health issue, but also a human rights issue.